Terminal troubles

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This is the strangest thing. When I attempt to use the 'ls' command in the terminal utility I receive the following error message:

-bash: ls: command not found

This happens for most commands such as 'cp' and 'mkdir'.

The reason I am going through the terminal is because there are several volumes on my computer which I can't seem to access at all. I was using Azureus and apparently it created new volumes unbeknownst to me. I found this use by connecting to another computer and booting in target disk mode. This is very frustrating.



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    What happens if you use Finder > Go > go to folder and type /bin? If that directory is there then maybe your PATH variable got messed up.

    If you type open -e ~/.profile and type in:

    export PATH="$PATH:/bin:/local/bin"

    and save the file. Then open a new terminal and see if it works.
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    First off, Azureus doesn't create volumes on an HD. It's a java bittorrent client. Sounds to me like your HD may be fuxX0red.

    BTW, the 'other' computer you are connecting your computer to in TD mode must have the BSD subsystem installed on it. I believe this is an optional install, or used to be. That would explain the commands not working most of the time.
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    Originally Posted by 1337_5L4Xx0R

    First off, Azureus doesn't create volumes on an HD.

    If someone had saved the Azureus downloads to an external drive or image and then ejected it, Azureus would create a folder in /Volumes. They wouldn't mount as volumes though.
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