Please help: CPU Speed Accelerator 3.0

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Application: CPU Speed Accelerator 3.0



Question: Does this application really improve application performance by 20% to 30%?

I am wanting to use it on a Mac Mini Rev. A PPC G4 @1.25GHz with 1GB Ram.

Is this a real application or does it modify a .plist? Can the aame thing be done from Terminal?

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    Originally Posted by kresh

    Can the aame thing be done from Terminal?

    Yes, if you type man renice, it will show you basically what it's doing.

    There is a free program called BeNicer that does the same thing:

    It doesn't always increase it by 20-30%. In my experience renicing rarely does anything but if you have a program always set higher, I'm sure you will notice a difference at some point.

    There's little point though. If you have one program running, OS X tends to give it as much CPU as it needs. If you are doing multiple things, all this will do is still give enough to the prioritized process and take it away from whatever else you're doing.
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