Firefox 2 (Mac): Removing Bookmarks' pull down menu icons

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

In Firefox 2, the Bookmarks pull down menu (proper name for it?) now has icons to the left of the names.

Is there any way to remove the icons or make it so they're not shown? I couldn't find any way in Firefox's preferences.

The reason I ask is because I'm using a g4 iMac that's only 1Ghz PowerPC, and since I have a fair amount of Bookmarks in Firefox, when I click Bookmarks first time of the day or any new time of the day after Firefox has been Quit, it takes 30 - 45 seconds on average for the Bookmarks menu to load and be visible/clickable. It is very annoying.

Pre-Firefox 2 versions didn't have the icons so the Bookmarks menu was instantly usable always.


Those were the days.

I would ask at the Mozilla forum but I haven't found that place to be helpful before.



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