What Keyboard+Mouse is used w/ PowerPC 7200/75 & 9500/132

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Hello, I'm an absolute Mac noob. I really need help because i'm dying to use my mac's. I found a Power Macintosh 7200/75 PowerPC and a Power Macintosh 9500/132 PowerPC a long time ago, all i have are the systems and no monitor/keyboard/mouse.

My question is what keyboard and mouse should i buy? I'm looking for cheap products because i dont want to invest too much because i dont know if these machines even run. Do all mac's use the same type of keyboard?

I've powered on the 9500 without anything plugged in it (except for the power cord obviously) and i heard some sounds, i dont remember what they were because it was a long time ago but i think they were happy start up sounds lol. I think i had the speakers plugged in but i really cant remember and i dont want to start the system like that again for fear of damaging it on shut down.

I believe i can buy a converter for my vga monitor that i currently use on my PC (the monitor is a Compaq Presario 1525) to be used with the mac's. I've searched the internet but I havent found anything about a keyboard and mouse.

Anyway I'm VERY eager to use a mac, no matter how old it is, I just want to use something besides Windows and I choose a Mac! I can take pic's for those of you who enjoy looking at them.

Please help!


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