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two questions concerning itunes:

1.) if i buy video in the current resolution (640x480) what will happen to it when and if apple updates the store to higher resolution. Have they hinted or does anyone know if old videos in your library get updated too?

2.) i like to watch movies and such while im working on other apps (watch a movie and search the web/ type a paper/ what not). Is there a way to keep the video playing the foreground as i type in another window? By rearranging the windows i can have itunes play it in the background and then use safari in the forground, but this is really a hassle. it would be neat if the video could be played in a floating window that always stays on top of other windows no matter which app im using. savvy?

thanks for the help!


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    1. The previous upgrade from 320x240 to 640x480 did not allow previously downloaded videos to be upgraded so I doubt a further increase would be any different.

    2. If you purchase/install Windowshade you can use one of it's settings to make any window float-on-top which would allow you to float your video window.
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