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Im looking for a program that is free that publishes DVD, my predicament is in my Video Production class we made a class show, its like 45 minutes long and from what I hear, really good. I finished putting it together on the school iMac G5 and then took it home on my hard drive to burn it off. On my MacBook Pro I have toast, so I burned a copy and then brought it back to school. Some how my original file got deleted so it is no where to be found. I need to now make duplicates of the disk to send off to different organizations to enter in to contests. No one in my class is very tech savvy, believe it or not, they probably break atleast one computer a month, so I don't know how to make duplicated of the disk since its an actual DVD, I found MacTheRipper to get the DVD files off but I need something else (that is free) to put them back on, and I don't have toast right now because my dad took my laptop on a business trip. Anyone know of any apps?



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    HOW TO copy previously-burned DVD-R video discs:

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    Nice tip; I'm saving this one for future reference.
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    Originally Posted by k squared

    Nice tip; I'm saving this one for future reference.

    you're welcome...

    the Apple Knowledge Base has zillions of good tipps & tutorials,... but I don't like the search function... hard to find the matching article..

    ........... k_munic, k_squared... funny...
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