Problems syncing purchased songs, authorization

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I tried to sync my iPod today, 9 Dec 06. The sync deleted 51 songs and 1 game from my iPod because it said my computer is not authorized. When I authorized the computer again (this has been syncing properly with this computer up to this point), I got back a message saying I have authorized 1 of 5 computers. After sycning again, there are still 37 songs which will not sync due to my computer not being authrorized. This is frustrating. I paid for those songs, they're physically on my computer, but I can't play them.

How do I fix this? Was there an iTunes update recently that did this? How did my computer deauthorize itself?

This is strong motivation for me to stay away from purchasing anything off the iTunes store.


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    f1turbof1turbo Posts: 257member
    I found out part of the answer to this, courtesy of Apple support. Apparently I have two different iTunes accounts. When I first started my iTunes account, I used a Yahoo address. Since I have a .mac account, I also have an iTunes account attached to that. So, I have to authorize my computer to play both accounts. Kind of wierd, because now it shows that I have authorized THREE computers of the total five I'm allowed, even though I only have one physical computer authorized with the two iTunes accounts.

    Still have no idea why the authorization went away in the first place. \
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