Formatting a new hard drive after HD install

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So I just installed a new 160G hard drive in my G4 dual 867 MDD that had a 60G drive previously. It is not showing up or recognized when I boot from the cd. I'm not super techie so not sure what I have missed doing. The new drive is a Western Digital Caviar EIDE Ultra ATA/100. There was info on setting "jumpers" but I have no idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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    Start up with the installer CD, and after the language selection, go to the menu bar and select "Disk Utility". There you should see the new drive on the window's left side.

    If not, the jumpers on the drive itself are not set correctly. Power the compter down. See the documentation that came with your drive on how to change the drive from CS (cable select) to MS (Master) or SL (slave) configuration. There are usually two tiny/small white plastic plugs between the ATA connector and the power connector on the drive. You need some needle-nose pliers to change the jumper's settings.

    (On IBM/Hitachi drives, the left connector must be in the most left position when holding the drive so that the data connector (ATA) is left and the power connector right. To set the drive to Slave, you would take the left jumper out and set it to the third position from left, next to the second white jumper (which usually is in the far right, next to the power connector). Maybe you'll find something on WD's website when searching for the drive's model number).

    After the jumpers are set correctly, the drive should show up in Disk Utility. Now you can format it format for OS X Extended, as it will probably be pre-formatted for Windows. Then close Disk Utility and start the installation, which should be easy now. Then update the system software using SoftwareUpdate. Reinstall all the applications and copy all your personal data back.
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