Address Book: Trying to use LDAP w/Exchange Server.

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After upgrading to 10.2, I am trying to run Outlook free. So far, its great. I'm using mail & iCal (manually entering my events) to replace the Outlook functions I use and trying to set up the address book to interact using LDAP.

I'm not getting any errors, but Im not able to get any results either. Any ideas?

Im not sure about the search base either.


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    Is your company running Exchange 5.5 or 2000? I just started a new job and they have an Exchange 5.5 server (bleh). But I'm able to use IMAP or POP3, and LDAP, all from mozilla mail. Try just entering the server name or IP, and leaving the search base blank. That works for me with mozilla mail... although it is a little screwey sometimes (You'll type in a j, and it'll show some people who's email starts with j, but not all of them)
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    I'll check on the version. So far, it doesn't matter what I type in the Search Base. The arrow spins (like it is accessing the sever) but nothing happens.
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    kedakeda Posts: 722member
    We re using exchange 2000.

    Still no luck.
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    [quote]Originally posted by Keda:

    <strong>We re using exchange 2000.

    Still no luck.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Counter-intuitively, the Exchange Server you use is unlikely to have an LDAP-available listing of addresses. In a Windows 2000 environment, the Active Directory maintains the entire directory (duh) -- this includes user accounts, Exchange objects (be they user mailboxes or resources such as, for instance, a conference room), computers, and various other objects. The Exchange address list is exposed to queries, but not [necessarily] from the Exchange Server. Ask your administrator for details, but you want to specify your LDAP server as being whatever server is set to hold the GC (Global Catalog) for your domain. Your admins may have a specific search base/root that they have set up for this, or authentication may be required, so ask them for details.

    Edit: I should probably add that this is different from how it was done in the Exchange 5.5 days. In that case, the Exchange directory was entirely self-contained, and the Exchange server included an [optional] LDAP service which could be queried by any standard client, if it was enabled.

    Edit 2: Global Catalog servers use port 3268 by default, I think, rather than the standard LDAP port.

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