MacBook wireless problems

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi, im fairly new to Apple computers, and so far I love OSX. I have a Network Everywhere router, and to go wired, it will not let me go to certin sites. Ebay and Yahoo mail dont work when wired. When I try wireless, my macbook can see the router and the name I set, it cant connect to it. My freinds gateway works fine with it. Were both super confused on this issue. I can get on my college network great. Any ideas? Thanks.


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    DNS issues? Are you sure you've set the DNS correctly on both the Router AND your MacBook?

    Probably the wireless section is set to get a DHCP address from your router, but your MacBook is set to static IP addresses on the Ethernet port without any (or the wrong) DNS servers filled in. Change your MacBook's Ethernet network configuration to DHCP too, it should work then.
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    Ill try that. Thanks for posting!
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