Are Apple Stores Christmas Shopping Friendly?

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My wife and I are business and personal customers of Apple.

We just bought 7 Shuffles for Christmas gifts from our local Apple store. Upon review of the gift receipts we found that Apple's return policy is two weeks. According to our receipt the final date to return any of the shuffles is December 25, 2006. So, we called the Apple store and found that they are extending their Christmas return date through January 7, 2007, even though it is not printed that way on the receipts. To us, the period between Christmas and January 7, 2007 seems like a pretty short time for allowing Christmas returns.

I just thought those good folks here might want the heads up on the Apple store's return policy before they buy some gifts for those on their Christmas list.

Happy Holidays!



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    A fortnight? That's not too bad. A store I work for offers until the 14th, but since there is no need for Apple to offer 'til the 7th at all, I'd still say that they are being fairly nice.
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    FYI, the extension is only if you have a Gift Receipt. Otherwise it's 14 days. You have to have gift receipt with the serial number on it.
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    After working in retail, anything over a week is plenty enough time for christmas returns. (Most returns are, indeed, done on the day after)

    You shouldn't need much longer deciding if you want to keep it or not. :P (or if it works)
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    If you are Apple Stores Christmas Shopping Friendly than more benefit of shopping apple. There are given more information about apple. It are also guide at right think. So you are take right decision.
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