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This may be a dumb question but what happens if I plug my iPod into a friend's computer (heading south for the holidays) and hers is set to automatically sync between pod and computer? Does iTunes give me an option to change the settings to Manual or does it just start adding songs from her machine or erasing songs from my iPod? There's no way to tell (that I've discovered to find out what iTunes is set to do on connection with an iPod. Is there a way to 'lock' the iPod? Or something? What am I overlooking? Help, please.


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    a couple things...

    1. if you're hooking it up to her machine to charge it, it will NOT automatically sync, it will prompt you with the option though. decline and it will just charge it.

    2. if you want to transfer files, you can only transfer itunes music store purchases, IF you have not yet registered 5 devices yet and IF you register her computer as one of your devices.

    store > authorize computer.... > type in your account

    3. if you want to transfer non iTMS purchases, there is no legal/easily illegal way to do it, but there are many ipod ripper programs out there. She just needs to install this and you should be able to pull anything off of your pod that you want.

    also you can't transfer anything (i dont think) if you are crossing OSes. only works going mac to mac or pc to pc...i my experience at least.

    don't worry about her computer just overwriting everything you have on your ipod, it should always prompt you first (because its a new device)

    i hope thats everything, and i believe thats all right, someone else should back me up.
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    Thanks for the help. My daughter also has an iMac. I don't really want to transfer anything. I'm talking about a situation where I just want her to listen to some things I have. And I had thought about using as a portable disk for some text files (my writing) I want to share with her and some image files (again, my shots) which are not in iPhoto. A prompt is all we need but I want to be sure of that because most of what's on my iPod is from CDs I own and I deleted the import from my Mac as soon as they were transferred to the iPod. The thought of having to re-do all of that is unbelievably ugly, LOL. So I really would like confirmation.
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    If you set your iPod up in what I believe is called "Disk mode", you can put any computer files you wish on the iPod, and transfer them that way. This wouldn't be through iTunes, but by placing a folder full of things to be transfered on the iPod icon on the desktop, as if it were any other external drive.

    Realize that you have to put a copy of anything you want to transfer in the iPod this way. You can't access (In any way that I know of) the file of any audio, video, etc, that's on your iPod playlists.

    Please excuse me if I didn't explain that very well.. Hope that helps!
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