Problems with iMac and using Airport

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I got my Intel Core 2 Duo iMac back in October and ever since then, I've had trouble connecting to my wireless network in my apartment. I used to have a MacBook before the iMac and Airport worked fine on it.

The problem that I have is that it will connect to my network and I will be able to use Safari for about two minutes and then it will disconnect and I will have to keep trying to connect to it over and over.

The thing that I love about these iMacs is that they are easy to move from one place to another. So if I need to take it to my living room, I can easily move it from my room to the living room without having to make more than one trip. The problem is that when I'm in my room, I have to use an ethernet cord to connect to the internet and when I try moving into my living room, Airport will disconnect all the time.

Does anyone have any advice? Or has anyone had the same problem?


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    seems similar to the mass issues that I'm reading about with the newer macbooks and macbook pros. Lots of forums discussing over at no real fixes yet that I've seen.

    I just got a MacBook Pro C2D and it appears to have this issue though I haven't had time to play with it yet.
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    SOrry to hear that. I've sorted out all of my Airport problems.

    Firstly, is your Internet Service Provider giving you unlimited access, or is your internet access like drinking water taps which get turned off when you're idling on the computer?

    If it's the cheaper water-tap type of internet connection, you might end up having these issues and it isn't a computer issue. If the ethernet restores the connection immediately, it's probably not the ISP...

    Is your antenna coverage okay? Check how many Signal Level bars you have on your Internet Connect box when you're trying to reconnect with the Airport function.

    You might need to boost your antenna signal. Personally, I take my antenna off so that the neighbour next door doesn't get to see my wireless station being advertised - it still covers me within 3-4 metres but not much more. I'm on a G4 Powerbook though and I don't have any of those issues...

    Good luck.
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    It also might be worth trying interference robustness, as you do live in an apartment. This will prevent other people's cordless phones and microwaves and such from interfering with your connection.
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