Apple's home music hardware strategy - buy Sonos?

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
I've fairly recently bought a Sonos system and the first thought having used it, is that it could (should?) have been made by Apple - it's simple elegant and works. With Apple's massive brand recognition in this space, to me they are missing a trick by not providing something like the Sonos product.

I know you can cobble together multi-room audio using various bits of Apple tech, but I haven't and wouldn't 'cos I want something that works out of the box and look nice (the Sonos controller with a different casing could be a large iPod). Apple, either get your finger out and make something, or buy these guys and take over the music world completely!!!


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    julesjules Posts: 149member
    They're not really trying to corner a niche market like Sonos are, they want to sell to everyone, but you're right, Sonos rocks.
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