Altec Lansing inMotion Review

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014

No relation to these people at all - just happened to buy one of these portable novel-sized speakers

whilst travelling for my iPod.

The sound is crystal clear and very deep - I'm impressed from such a small book-sized speaker.

As the one I have is designed for a 4GB iPod, I clipped off the stops at the edge for a perfectly flat base

to sit the 80GB iPod. The unit doesn't need an accessory cord or anything - I run mine on rechargeable AAs

and the unit is so liberatingly easy to carry from the shower to the kitchen to anywhere. Really amazed at

how speakers have come along - I hear neodymium speakers are dangerous for anyone with pacemakers although the sound from these is very rich. Nowhere near audiophile quality, but for £50, it's a great set

of speakers to use with the iPod.

I like the way the iPod auto charges in the dock and auto synchs. THere's a 3.5mm jack connection to wire it as an external speaker for a Mac or cd player or anything else too.

Has anyone else bought a pocket speaker as cool as this?
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