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I'm Going to switch over to Jaguar soon and would like to do a clean install as I've heard it gives much faster performance. I dont particularly wan't to back up everything onto loads of CDRWs again when really all I need is the users folder, but this is 2.1 megabytes (just the right size to fit on 3 CDRWs) - but the home folders are not equal.

Does anyone know of an application (preferably free and carbonised) which can divide a file or folder up into pieces and then reasseble it again, this way I would only need 3-4 disks to backup everything.



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    Well, if you wanted to use the command line, you could use "split" and "cat". They're both included with Mac OS X and pretty easy to use.

    <a href=""; target="_blank">Rosetta</a> works well for combining files, but is shareware. The only limitation it has is a small nag screen that appears when you first open the app. I think it's still fully-featured while unregistered.

    Another free app for merging files is the aptly-named <a href=""; target="_blank">Merger</a>.

    There's also the free <a href=""; target="_blank">Split&Concat</a> app, but it has some bad reviews at VersionTracker.

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    Thank you. Command line is the same as giving commands in the terminal isn't it? If so I'm okay with basic commands. What is Cat? Is this what you use to combine the seperate parts again. And do I start using these tools just by typing their names in the terminal?

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    type into terminal:

    [code] man cat </pre><hr></blockquote>


    [code] man split </pre><hr></blockquote>

    "man" means "manual" and gives you a detailed manual how to use these tools.
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    Would it be easier to do an archive install? It is new to 10.2 I think. It does a clean install, while backing up your system files to a 'previous system' folder in case you need to restore.
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