iTv Apples Sonos challenger??

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Ok so this is not a totally new idea, but rather putting together several past rumors with what we know about the iTv and iPod updates like to come out. As I looked at the Sonos multi-room streaming audio system, I kept thinking to myself, this is the next logical step from the Airtunes function of streaming music via Airport Express.. to the iTv. The major issue of course with the current version is that it ony supports audio and not video. Well Apple has already told us that they will release iTv in Q1 and it will address that issue. Now the next part is a little less clear. Steve Jobs demoed iTv with the Apple Remote.. an IR device and thereby requiring line of site to the iTv in order to control it.

Why not something to control it like Sonos currently uses

Note in the photo of this controller that it shows the album art, playlist, info on the song, etc.. it is a wireless device and does not use IR. Now what device does Apple already have that can show album art, playlists, song info, etc??? How about the iPod. The only thing that is missing really is the wireless capability in the iPod. So add wireless and you have a new really cool remote to allow you to preview and control streaming of both audio and vide via iTv to many things in your house.

So why not just buy the Sonos? Well first off, as I said previously it doest do video... it also does not support DRM from Apple encoded audio files.

So what is the chance of seeing this at MW Expo.. who knows.. I do know however that it sure makes a lot more sense in terms of a remote for iTv. It leverages the existing iPod, it takes advantage of the existing rumors of wireless capability in the iPod, but gives good reason for it to be there. This would also make the iPod another viable piece of the Apple home integration ecosystem.

I think one also needs to look at prices for the Sonos models.. basically you are talking almost $1100 to stream to two rooms. Now the Sonos box does have an amp in it, so there should be some cost I assume for that. That said, it doesn't do video. iTv at $299, starts to look like a bargain in comparison. But what about the remote that can show the playlist, album/DVD cover art? Well the Sonos model costs $399. Sure sounds like one could justify the cost of the iPod for $399 or more as a remote also.. you can of course not only control your setup at home with it, but take your video and audio on the road with you.

This just seems so logical. I sure hope it happens.8)


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