Which is better, Boot Camp? or Parallels?

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Which is better, Boot Camp? or Parallels? I need help. I'm going to be upgrading my 17 inch powerbook G4 soon and I need to be able to run windows and Mac at the same time.

So which one?


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    It really depends on what you want to do. If you want to play games then it has to be Bootcamp. If you're not interested in games then Parallels will take care of everything else. Personally I would buy Parallels. After all, Bootcamp is a free download for now.
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    Originally Posted by playcrackthesky


    So which one?

    Boot Camp and Parallels Workstation are different solutions for different problems. Boot Camp allows you to install Windows XP SP2 on your Intel-based Mac. Once installed, your Mac can boot into Windows and run it as your native OS. Parallels Workstation is a virtualization solution. With PW, you can install virtually any Intel-compatible OS going back to MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1 on any number of virtual machines, limited only by your available hard drive space. As PW is really just a MacOS X app, you have the host OS available at all times. Which is better? Whichever one fits your needs.
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    Thanks for the help. Once I get my Macbook Pro I will get Parallels.

    Thanks again
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