Refurbished or Refreshed IMacs

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I'm about to buy two new iMacs and noticed that you can get a a0-16% discount by buying a refurbished iMac online or a "refreshed" one at my local Apple Store. Are there any disadvantages to buying one of these as opposed to a new one. The specs are the same, exactly what is the difference?


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    well, one is new, and one has been used. this is just my opinion, but if i had the money for a new one, i would buy it new. i like getting new things better than used ones, its just how i am; you, on the other hand, may not care one way or the other.
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    I bought a refreshed MacBook from a physical Apple store and it was indistinguishable from a new unit and I received a 10% discount. The important thing to me is the warranty, which is also indistinguishable from new.
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