MacBook Pro 17 jerky touchpad

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Everything's fine using Bootcamped XP, except that the touchpad sometimes goes crazy and the pointer starts jerking around as I move my finger.

It's fine for a while right after booting, and if I wait a while (or reboot) the behavior goes away.

This is a new machine (1 week old) and I love it. All updates (firmware, etc) have been installed.

I haven't yet seen what happens if I use an external mouse. I would rather not have to resort to that.

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much,

Bob Pierce, new Apple hardware user


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    Do you have any bluetooth mice hooked up or turned on?

    If you have a bluetooth mighty mouse, turn it off...

    Also, try wiping the trackpad with a wet cloth to clean it off.
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    Thanks, but

    No. No external mice of any kind.

    And I've cleaned the touchpad a few times just to make sure. But, this is a 1 week old computer - it can't be too dirty.

    It's weird. The jerkiness comes and goes.

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    Could be defective.

    Unless does it work fine in OS X? Or is it jerky on both operating systems?
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    I bought the Might Mouse and love it. Only reason I did that was at the workshop I went to, the trackpad was horrible. I bought it on the safe side and I made a good choice. I still use the trackpad every once in a while and hate it; absolutely hate it.
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    My MacBook's trackpad is also jerky in BootCamp from time to time. Others have reported this as well. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
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    How can you fix that? I am sure it is in the sensor of the hardware? Apple gonna send us screw drives and install guides for a new trackpad . Generally, I think the fix is in the options for it and sensitivity options.
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    Sensitivity might be too high, but that alone would not explain why it works some times and then suddenly not any more... It's clearly a software issue. Better drivers should solve that problem.
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    Tis true. Have to wait and see if Apple will respond to its community. More than likely; yes.
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    I guess I'll just have to go and get a USB mouse 'til Apple resolves the driver issue. My laptop is a 24-hour-on work/home deal. So, when I need to use it, I can't wait for the cursor to settle down.

    Does anybody have a problem with USB mice on the XP side?

    Thanks to everybody for the discussion and help.

    Bob Pierce
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    I get that odd jerkiness in Windows too. I find putting tapping on the trackpad and holding my finger there for a sec makes it normal again. I'm sure they just need to update the drivers for Bootcamp. Remember, it is still in beta. My clock always goes 5hrs off when I switch OS's too...that can be a pain. But, as long as Leopard has the answers I will be a happy man.
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    If you like Apple products, I really suggest getting their might mouse (WIRED). If you get wireless, you might be in the same situation as you are now. Jerky, non responsive.
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    Just to complete the discussion for anyone with the same problem:

    I got a notebook USB mouse (Targus Laser) - and it works fine. To be sure, this is just a workaround because the touchpad is still unreliably jerky. But, at least I can use my expensive computer now.

    Thanks to all

    Bob Pierce
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