Software to synchronize laptop with desktop?

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Now that I've got a new Power Mac, I think it would be great to keep my old TiBook and my new Power Mac synchronized with each, so that they are essentially duplicate environments.

I went to and found there's something called ChronoSync. Does anyone have any experience with this, or another product that they'd recommend?


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    This is a continuing problem. Some things are easy. I haven't used it but you can use something like FoldersSynchronizer. People seem to like it.

    The bigger problem is when you update files on both sides - File Maker Pro databases, AddressBook, Mail.

    I handle some of this by making it a plan to never add stuff to my Powerbook. For example, Mail is set on the PB to leave the mail on the server. Then when I go to the G4 and logon it gets a fresh copy of all the mail. For diaries and addresses I try to write those into temporary files that can be added to the main databases on the G4 when I get home.

    It seems to me there was also an AppleScript or two floating around that did this function. It is not difficult to synchronize two folders if you focus on ordinary files. Probably a good project for a rainy afternoon.
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    what about synchronize pro? i just downloaded this app to see how it works. i too am trying to synch my laptop and desktop, all files (mail, word, ical, etc.). if no one else has any comments on this app i would appreciate it, if not i'll let you know how it works when i get it going this week.
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    Does iSync solve this problem!

    I am too looking for an option!

    It would be great if iSync allowed to computers to sync up folders i.e 'Documents" on one computer (My G4) to another (My TiBook)
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    supposedly isync DOES sync desktop and laptop data (documents, address books, mail, etc, etc.), BUT it only odes so.... drumroll please... if you are a registered .Mac account holder.

    glad i plunked down the cash for... oh, wait. i only have a laptop right now. oh well.

    i have been wrestling with this problem for a while... namely, when i do buy my next computer, what will it be?

    i toyed with the "bargain basement" and upgrade philosophy, then the "best you can afford" idea, but now, in a year (when i plan to strike out on my own professionally), i think the answer is to get TWO computers: a mid-to-high end desktop for serious crunching at the office, and a mid-to-low consumer laptop, which will allow me to do actual work on the road, accumulate data, and then bring it back to "home base" to sync it all up.

    if isync matures to this kind of level in the next year, i will be a very happy camper (with two way cool toys...)
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    [quote]Originally posted by rok:

    <strong>supposedly isync DOES sync desktop and laptop data (documents, address books, mail, etc, etc.), </strong><hr></blockquote>

    iSync only deals with address book and iCal, not Documents/files synchronosation.
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    darn, you're right. well, i guessi have something to email them about then.
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    stevesteve Posts: 523member
    Why not just toss whatever you want onto your 100MB iDisk?
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    well, synchornization pro x works quite well so far. i have now backed up from my desktop to my laptop without a glitch (including, word, ical, address book, etc.). as the files change over the week i will give the synchronize option a try. has no one else tried this app?
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    Well, here is what I just wrote to Apple via the iSync feedback form.

    "For the number of us out there that have both a desktop and a laptop machine at home, it would be nice if iSync had the power to sync whatever we wanted via Airport or ethernet. What I picture is connecting my laptop to my desktop via ethernet (or iSync auto-detecting it via airport) and hitting sync. All my mail, addresbook, bookmarks, documents, music, whatever I wanted, was sync'd.

    A lot of people would love this. Even it f it's only available to .Mac users (even though it doesn't use .mac) It's worth the 100 a year alone just for that one feature.

    I need my two computers to be sync'd, and there is no software out there that does it. Please consider this."

    If they did this, it would be awesome...especially via airport, because then I could just sit on my couch with the laptop, work, and then when I am done hit sync and just put the thing on the coffee table and kick back. I think it would help Apple get a lot of .Mac purchases.
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