The miniMate MicroNet ext. HD

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Does anyone have one these? fo you like it? i wish they made a bigger drive than 400gb but it looks cool, i suppose i could buy 2 and stack them. i read they are noisy? is this true?

how about this drive: NewerTechnology MiniStack


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    Originally Posted by burningwheel

    how about this drive: NewerTechnology MiniStack

    POS buzzes like a helicopter. but not all the time. cheap components, cheap build, cheap fan. new v2 is supposed to be quieter. i don' t believe it for a second. at least it has an on / off switch, otherwise I would have chucked it out the window, data and all.

    2nd one by the way, i sent the first back, this is the 'fixed' one. yah.
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    POS? i'm out of touch, what does that mean? so you ahve the NT Ministack?
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    POS = piece of "crap"
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    I have a miniMate. Got it when they first came out. It was designed to put under your Mac mini. Problem with this is that it increases the heat in the mini causing the Mac's fan to run constantly and at higher speeds. So you'd probably want to use it beside, not under the mini. Works fine as a USB and Firewire hub. No complaints but I'm not overly impressed either.
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