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in Mac Software edited January 2014
one thing i love about the latest release of firefox is the ability to "reset" it (e.g. remove cookies, delete username entries, delete history etc) without being asked every time you close it

is there any way to do that with safari? i.e. combining "reset safari" with an applescript or keyboard shortcut? basically i'm too lazy to select it from the menu and i've gotten used to safari now so i'd rather stick with it than use firefox.


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    Well, I have a "Reset Safari" entry in my menu. Perhaps it is a feature of Saft.
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    The "Private Browsing" mode just above Reset Safari will probably do what you want, but you have to set it before you start browsing and also each time Safari is launched. Firefox' solution is way better, no doubt about that.

    Edit: I was wrong about Reset Safari: *Resetting Safari erases your browsing history, empties the cache, clears the Downloads menu and removes cookies. It also remves any saved names and passwords or other AutoFill text and clears Google search entries."

    Still, I wish that could be done automatically - or with a keyboard shortcut.
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