Question re: Airport Extreme Base Station & external antenna

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Other then the antenna being faulty, could someone tell me why a Hawking Technology Hi-Gain Omni-Directional 2.4Ghz 7dBi Antenna for Apple Airport Extreme Base Station would reduce the signal considerably of my Base Station? The signal is useable, if not great, at about 75' w/o the antenna. I can barely connect w/antenna, and I completely disconnect every 20 seconds or so.

By the way, the base station is, and the antenna was, in a different building. The buildings are about 15' apart. The base station works ok at this range, but I was looking to extend it.


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    Hmm, I would first check whether the antenna has to be placed vertically or horizontally. I't an omnidirectional antenna, but they tend to be picky on how and where they're installed. Otherwise, you should get more signal strenght than before, so it might indeed be broken (antenna or cable).
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    Make sure that your antenna is not put beside any large metal objects, although a properly placed metal object could be heavenly, most of the time you just get screwed over with them. I learned all this RF stuff in Amateur Radio, and if you want the details let me know!

    Well, if your airport is powering an antenna, it's not like it suddenly gets a lot more transmission power... You have some of your transmission power going to your antenna, thus reducing the amount of power going to your standard antenna, also your screwed antenna might be interfering with your normal antenna... Just keep everything away from large metal objects (or to close to wall corners!), then give it a try.
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