Boot and permission repair problems in PB G4... Please help!

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Okay... so in all fairness, my powerbook is acting pretty normal, however there are a few things about it that have to be fixed soon.

First of all, whenever I try to repair permissions, it refuses to repair anything in my /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ folder, saying for many things in that folder that "Users differ" and that "should be 0, owner is 503". In each case, it tries to fix the problem, only to say "Operation not permitted" in the end. So, no progress is made.

Furthermore, my powerbook will no longer boot up from my tiger install disc, nor will it boot from my external HD (onto which I back up my system every couple of weeks, so I'd be willing to restore, only I can't boot up from it so that's a bust!).

I've got a PB G4 1.66 GHz 1.5 gigs ram. PLEASE HELP! Can anyone at least tell me what's going on?



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    PS: I can't verify the disk either: "ERROR: could not freeze volume (Permission denied)"

    I can, however, boot into target disk mode, so that might help...
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    When you say that your PB won't boot from your Tiger DVD, what happens? Details please! Ditto for the hard drive, have you done the Option key trick at start up? Does the computer see the discs after a normal boot?
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    Sherman, thanks for your concern... I think I've fixed the problem. I zapped the PRAM and then I could boot from my external drive to repair permissions. Everything's coming up roses. Thanks again.
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