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The hospital I work for has recently added a Citrix product to their website to allow access to the hospital's information system (Meditech) via the web. I've installed the Citrix "Metaframe Presentation Server" client for MaxOSX.

When I go the the part of the website designed for Meditech access and click on the icon, the Citrix ICA client launches; a Citrix window pops up indicating "connecting....". It eventually indicates it is connected, but a Window with the Meditech program never pops up the way it does in Internet Explorer on a Windows PC. (I've also tried getting access via Parallels and everything works okay there).

I'm guessing this is just some "mac incompatibility" issue. I know nothing of networking and Citrix beyond what I've stated.

Just curious if anyone has any suggestions about this. I know our IT department will be of no help supporting me as a Mac user on this issue. Fortunately, the Parallels solution works, but I'd really love not having to soil my MacBook by going into Windows...



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    Don't know if any of this helps:

    You might also be able to try out this software, which is an alternative to citrix:

    Some people have had a similar problem of no window appearing under Windows but naturally, they give a Windows solution.

    Can you check your console (/Applications/Utilities/console) to see if any errors are coming out? Also, did you get instructions about how to connect to it? It seems that you type in the URL of the server but add /citrix/metaframe to the end e.g. in Safari.
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    Hi -

    I also use Citrix at the hospital I work in, for the same reasons. Using Citrix was effortless on Windows. When I recently switched to Mac (YAY!), I had to download a different Citrix application than the one the hospital offered me. It is the same software, you use your same passwords ... it just works on a MAC. I think I also called the Citrix Customer Service to verify that I was doing the right thing.

    Here's the link:

    I actually found someone in my hospital IT who was a little bit helpful - at least they pointed me toward the correct website.

    Good luck!
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