Return Reciept in Mail??

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I tried to search the forums without success so I apologize in advance if this is answered somewhere else.

I just switched to Mail from Eudora after the 10.2.1 update. This update made it fast enough to handle my history of e-mail of >20,000 messages.

Everything works just fine but I can't find any way to send an e-mail with a return reciept requested. So, my questions...

1) Is this hidden in the program somewhere?

2) Will mail recognize an incoming e-mail with RR set and work appropriately.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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    telomartelomar Posts: 1,804member
    1) To my knowledge no.

    2) Not sure but when I am at work later I will check for you.

    On a side note I have found Mail sometimes botches encoding on attachments. I've had a few complaints that files sent through Mail couldn't be read. Even the possibility of that is making me consider switching away from it again.

    Oh and I forgot the annoying problem where Mail fails to handle links in http format emails properly.

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    telomartelomar Posts: 1,804member
    Answer to question 2 is no. Just checked then for you.
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    I hope they fix this in the next update. I'll post to apple.
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