Best macbook keyboard protector

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i would like one that protects the on switch as well and mouse pad, any suggestions

my 3yr old just spilled water on my new macbook, i need to protect this baby. i've seen the protectors of just the keys but looking for one that is larger and covers more



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    i386i386 Posts: 91member
    I'm being look around for such a thing for my MBP, I came across iSkin also have a look at ApplePeelz (if you are interesting protecting the casing).

    BTW I went thru 4 keyboards on my old D*LL Inspiron with my kids. So I brought them an old iMac so they happy to leave my MBP alone :-)
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    I think getting the kids their own system is the best solution.
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    thanks for the reponse, i wish a company could include the power switch, liquids get everywhere when a kid gets' the cool aid around it.

    i'm getting both of your suggestions
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