Internet Monitoring Router Network Request

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
It was hard to put up an intelligible title because the specifics of my situation are difficult to describe succinctly.

I have an internet connection that gets joined by small groups of individuals (4 - 6) from time to time, sometimes people I have never met. I would like to be able to monitor what sites have been visited as a way to assure that no one is accessing adult sites or downloading questonable or illegal material.

I would like to use my G4 PPC Desktop as some kind of a server or router if possible. I have two ethernet ports on that machine. Can I bring the internet connection into the G4 first and then have some kind of monitoring software running and then share the connection out of the other port to the router (Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router Model WRT54G)?

I can't use any software that needs to be installed on every computer (mixture of Macs and PCs). It would have to be a solution that could be at the router level somehow.

Any ideas or simple software that you could recommend would be greatly appreciated.


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