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as the holidays are pretty close now... we had to buy a new vidcam. We live in Curacao, an island... so the options are very limited. JVC was our first choice, but a lot of returns (overheating?). So the store we get most of our stuff, wasn't going to get those in anymore. Now we got stuck with a Sony DCR-SR80.

At I have read now that it is such a bother to even get something decent on your Mac from it. And there is 3rd party software involved in the process, which ppl claim to have to pay another 100$US for.....

Sony DCR-SR80, 60 GB 12x optical zoom.

Anyone that owns this cam already and can tell me more?

What software should I get for the Mac?


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    The DCR-SR80 records the audio/video as MPEG-2. iMovie can't use "muxed" (multiplexed or interleaved audio/video files) so you will need to demux the video that you've recorded in order to use it in iMovie.

    ffmpegX is a fantastic utility ($15, shareware) that will demux your video so that you can use it in iMovie.

    Check out this article regarding demuxing video for use in iDVD. The demuxing part will work for iMovie too.

    There might be free demuxers, but ffmpegX is well worth the cash.

    Good luck!
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    thanks for the answer, will pursue this option.

    got another answer on a different forum. Maybe it is helpful for others as well.






    \tsted by: Daniel | December 09, 2006 at 03:55 AM

    If you want to buy a Sony DCR-SR80 go download iSquint from VersionTracker- it is free. The usability of this app beyond simple and works like a charm. Otherwise you have to wait till QT 9 comes out before you see support for the camera natively... thats from Sony tech support.

    Back to making it work- download iSquint, drag your clips off your camera, press start. Put the new clips in iMovie (or anything else) and it is off to the races. This camera is very, very, very cool. iSquint makes it that way. Don't be scared of the download- it is beyond easy. FYI to get your Sony to show up on your desktop put it in the play button mode, click through the clock set up and then choose HDD. It will take about five seconds and you will see the drive on your desk top. Then just navigate over to the MP Root folder and there are your clips.

    You have one other Hard Drive Camera option, it is unusual but I have been using it with my Mac for about 2 years now. It is Samsung's SC-X105L, it spits out MPEG-4 and they go right into iMovie for editing. One cavet... you only have about 20 minutes of recording time but you can buy more memory sticks and bigger batteries. The thing is as big as a deck of cards. There is nothing "great" about it except the fact that it works and takes one hell of a beating. You can even wear it on your head for some pretty cool shots. Great thread BTW. I hope this post might of cured some headaches. \t


    Good thread with a successful result.

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