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I basically, want to hook my MBP up to my HDTV and watch movies that I have on my Mac, on the TV. The way I understand it, all I need is a DVI-HDMI cable, right? This will do both audio and the video.

The local stores have them for around $110, but I see them online for much cheaper. Anyone have any good suggestions for an online source? Anything I'm missing?



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    The best deal I've found is this cable from ProVantage. I was really skeptical about the quality (being 6 feet for only $12?!) but after receiving it, the connectors are excellent and the cable is nice and thick. If you search for that cable at other retail stores (such as MacMall, CDW, etc) they want $50 or more for the same exact cable!


    This will do both audio and the video.

    Actually, no. HDMI does carry sound but when you connect your MBP to it, the Mac's DVI-I connector is strictly video. You'll need another cable for audio. The MBP does both digital and audio from the same jack so depending on your receiver (or TV), you just need the right connector. If you just want stereo sound, a 1/8" minijack connector -> rca is your cheapest bet... but that wouldn't give you surround sound...
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