Apple Wireless Keyboard Bug

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So I installed an update for a new wireless BT keyboard that I got and after the update it messed up my os. Now in my system menu i have 2 restart options, 2 shut down options, and 2 log out options. Also there are black boxes surrounding my HD icon when I select it and also there is a small black rectangle in the upper left hand screen of my safari windows. I'm wondering if it is possible to rollback updates? Or does anyone know what is going on with my MBP? Oh and I'm running 10.4.8.


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    irelandireland Posts: 17,549member
    Download Onyx choose maintenance, update and repair permissions (Mac OS X). Then restart, see what happens.
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    cyloncylon Posts: 126member
    Go to your system prefs. Open Universal Access. Under the "Seeing Menu" Make sure VOICEOVER is off. See if that helps.
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    Thank you Cylon and Ireland. I eventually figured out that voice over was on before I got your replies. I didn't have my sound on so I had no idea. Sorry if this was a dumb question, but I'm a recently converted PC user and I just got my mac. Lol I guess I have some getting used to with OS X. Thanks again for your help!
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