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i have a new i pod... i have a a pc now.. but plan on buying a mac in the near future. can i use the i pod on the pc and then use it on the mac when i get it? or do i need to wait until i get the mac to confugure the ipod? i hope that makes sense. thanks.


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    yes, you can use both—the only thing you need to do is restore the iPod on the platform you want to use it on but you'll need 3rd party software if you want to use the iPod on both platforms interchangeably. (I think MacDrive can read a Mac formatted iPod.)
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    thank you... once i get the mac i don't think i will be going back to the pc. just didn't now if you could change. by restoring on the mac will i lose my info and have to start over?
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    cyko95cyko95 Posts: 391member
    Yes, it will be detected on your new Mac and if you want to sync it with that system you'll lose your library thats on the iPod. But, just go download an app like Senuti, and dump the library off of it to the new Mac first...then it won't matter.


    Good luck!
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    kzelk4kzelk4 Posts: 100member
    When you get your mac, download an app called "ipod disk". Simple to use, good program.
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