icq,msn messenger for os x.

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hey i was just wondering if anyone else had some massive problems with this program? it hardly ever connects for me and im on a fast internet connection and it crashes alot, also i use icq and i am never able to recieve files hardly is there anyway i can change any of this?


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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    MSN Messenger works for me: it actually maintains an infinitely more stable connection than iChat, even on dial-up.
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    evoevo Posts: 198member
    Proteus is a great OS X IM app that supports many protocols including MSN and ICQ, except it can't do file transfers. You might want to give it a try, its at versiontracker.com.

    On a side note, I wish there would be just some standard IM protocol so we don't have to keep toying with these crappy proprietary protocols that keep gaining marketshare.
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    stunnedstunned Posts: 1,096member
    In order to receive files for icq, u need the sending computer to adjust its settings.

    In that computer under my preferences and under the security preferences, set to allow connection to any computer.

    this will allow that computer to send files over to the mac. I know this is troublesome and i hope ICQ will deliver a patch to solve this problem, though I think it never will....
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    what about iChat? I thought Apple was going to extend its functionality (to icq and such)?

    Anybody know if there is an update in the pipeline? For it is thoroughly a 1.0 version. (I'd call it more an 0.7, it has the feel of beta all over it).

    (Okay, this might be dh, but I'm replying, allright?)
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    spartspart Posts: 2,060member
    Proteus is a great alternative for MSN and ICQ, I use it whenever possible...

    File transfers? You've got the most easy-to=use file and web sharing with Mac OS X, take advantage of it!

    That said, MSN Messenger and the MSN protocol in general (since this happens with Proteus as well) suck, even worse than iChat.

    I connect at a measly 23kbs or so, due to my phone line sucking (which is why I can't get DSL.) It disconnects very frequently, when I download something, or sometimes even load a single webpage. Must have a very high bandwidth requirement...for what I wonder.

    On the other hand, since the 10.2.1 update for whatever reason, iChat has been extremely stable.
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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    [quote]Originally posted by eVo:

    <strong>I wish there would be just some standard IM protocol so we don't have to keep toying with these crappy proprietary protocols that keep gaining marketshare.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Hear hear. Life would be so much easier...

    As a tutor of mine once said, "the computer industry loves standards: they have so many...".

    I have say, Spart, iChat itself has been very stable (as in, it hasn't quit unexpectedly on me, but the chat agent seems to not bother sending me messages after about 5 minutes. Which is rather frustrating...
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    MSN is NEVER connecting for me now....what's up?
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