Display screen does not show the color RED

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Ok, let me start at the beginning.

The problem is in an iBook G3 12" display. The original display was badly damaged from accidentally being stepped on. A new display was needed, and purchased.

The new display worked great, until I would open the display at an angle better to my viewing. The screen would go black. I'd have to move the display to an angle, that wasn't good for viewing, to get the screen to come back to life. The problem turned out to be the Display Adaptor.

I purchased a new display adaptor, and unfortunately, needed to purchase a new display adaptor cable as well.

This is where the problem begins. I installed the new display adapter and cable with no problems. I'm was very careful when putting the computer back together, and had my fingers crossed when I pushed the power button.

Gladly, the computer came to life, like I expect it to, again, as I was very careful with putting everything back the way it was. The screen was glowing, as it should, and I tested to see if the display would go black based on the angle. Nothing wrong. It wasn't until my wallpaper came up, with a large American flag. All the red color was GREY. The orange and yellow colors were also very very weak. The screen just has a green/blue aura, and I'm frustrated all over again.

The good news is my original problem is fixed. The bad news is I'm back to having a new problem all over again.

What could this problem be, this missing RED color that should be on the screen? I'm hoping it isn't the display adapter again, I don't want to have to get a new one all over again. Could it be the computer having to deal with an adapter it didn't originally come with, since they do have id numbers? I'm just very dumfounded as to why this RED color is not showing up at all. Granted, the iBook is 4 years old, but this missing color didn't happen previously.

Any ideas are much appreciated.




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    open up the ibook, remove and reseat the display cables. The signal from the adaptor to the panel is separated into wires by color components. The red conductor isn't connected properly.
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    This is really all you can do. If this doesn't work, I think you're out of luck.
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