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Hi there,

I've been looking for an alternative to LimeWire, I'm sure I don't have to tell any of you why! Anyway I've downloaded Acquisition which is fast and beautiful and wonderfully user friendly except one thing -- I never have a successful download with it.

Anytime I try do download ANYTHING it just says "waiting" in the status indicator. Now I know that many servers are unreliable etc. but I have 0% success with Acquisition. As much as LimeWire sucks, I'd say I have more like 50% success with it.

Any ideas?

I haven't tweaked any of Acqusition's preferences and I don't have any firewall active. I'm on a Cable connection via Airport on a 500Mhz TiBook 512 RAM.

Thanks for any help...



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    Well that makes two of us!

    I Have had zero sucsess with it aand therfor have not bothered....

    ..if only good old napster was the way it used to be (Sighs)
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    I've had great expierence with Aquisition. It does take about five minutes to find a decent amount of servers, though.
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    I gave up on Acquisition a long time ago. I have gotten a few things off of it and I still I have it installed but I rarely attempt to use it. I have moved over to Hotline pretty much, but the problem with Hotline is the wait for OSX stuff. They have an OSX client which works nice but I would like to have a Hotline Server installed. Oh well some day it will happen.
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    gordygordy Posts: 1,004member
    Well, I have great success with it. So, one more vote for "It works great!"
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    [quote]Originally posted by NeilyB:

    <strong>I don't have any firewall active. I'm on a Cable connection via Airport</strong><hr></blockquote>

    If you are connected through on Airport then you *do* have a firewall. Airport will not forward requests to any ports unless specifically told to do so.

    Use the Airport Admin Utility to configure your Airport. On the Port Mapping tab add an entry for the port Aquisition uses and forward it to your computer's internal ip address (i.e. 10.0.1.whatever) at the same port number.


    I should make clearer the fact that this won't help downloads--it only matters if you are running a gnutella server i.e. uploading as Airport's firewall will keep people from accessing your machine.

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