Help setting up G54 usb wifi PLEASE!!!!!

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I bought a G54 usb wifi adapter from so I could take my DS and Wii online.

i have a G3 imac connected via ethernet to broadband.

I have installed the drivers for the adapter and the mac recognises it. However, it currently has a yellow light next to it in the 'Network' section of 'System preferences'. Also, when I add a new profile on the adapters application is has a red tick next to it and says 'disconnected'. My DS and Wii can both find the adapter but as soon as they try to connect it says that there is no access point found. What do I have to do to share my ethernet connection through it?

I have tried turning on internet sharing through the adapter with no luck!

Any help woud be greatly appreciated.
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