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Does anyone here have experience w/ dvd ripping? i want to rip my collection to mp4 videos. no real reason why, and no i dont plan on using this for piracy, as im not very big on renting in the first place. right now, i think im encoding the first chunk of fight club, i decoded the vod with dvd backup and finally got mac mpeg2decoder to recognize it, but when i tried the same thing w/ the next vob, it refused to recognize it at all. im not even sure that the decoder is doing the right job as it is, because i cant open any of the files it is currently encoding. i already tried the mac dvd rip tutorial, it sux a$$. none of the files i ripped w/ DVDExtractor would work, although i did get an mpeg2 stream to work in the old old mpeg 2 decoder that they had, although the quality was that of a very very bad divx job. if anyone knows any other ways, asside from hooking up a dvd player to imove or fcp, please let me know.

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    little update, halfway through decoding the first vob, it came up with an error saying unable to recognize stream type and that is the same error all of the other vob's give me :/
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    I'm in the same position as you. I have tried ripping my DVDs with no luck. The only reason why I want to rip a few of my CDz is for when I bring my iBook places. I would much rather have my Movies on my HD using less battery power over carrying my DVDs and having the DVD drive it up the battery life.
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    i was almost positive that i heard somewhere that QT could read mpeg2 or VOB files. maybe it was here in a future software thread : <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" />
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    VLC can read .vob files. if you have the space they are by far the best way to store your DVD's, as they are pure and 100% quality. i have yet to find a happy solution for ripping video to CD's or DVD's.

    best of luck to you.
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    Go try DVDBackup first. It can modify macrovision and DVD region code.

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    So how do you convert .VOB to Mpeg??
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    ThunderPoit : I figured it out!!! Ok here is what you have to do... go download DVDBackup 1.2. You will use this to extract the media from the DVD than you can download VLC Player which allows you to play the .vob files as they stand. To convert them to mpeg format download ffmpegX at <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; . After you do this you can choose the quality and how fast you want it to encode the mpeg files. The faster you encode it the worse the quality will be. You can also choose how big you want the picture to be. so check out that stuff and have fun I am testting it now and it is working great.
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    [quote]Originally posted by Kenneth:

    <strong>Go try DVDBackup first. It can modify macrovision and DVD region code.


    Where can I download DVDBackup from?
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    actually, now you're getting into a grey area. i believe that most of these programs are illegal, as they contain DeCss code in them. can't really talk about where you can get them then. at least not here.
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    heres a system that seems to work, i tried it on the first 3 chapters of Fight Club and in my first test, i got it down to 700 megs per hour (ya i know its large, but this was w/ full framerate and highest quality mp4 compression) i extracted the video and audio w/ OSEx, the converted the m2v w/ MacMPEG2Decoder, and the audio to aiff with bd4go(who names these apps????) and then to mp3 w/ itunes. right now im ripping the full mpeg stream and im going to convert it, im going to try to get it down to 100-125kbytes/sec if i can, and then ill see how the quality compares w/ divx/3vix.

    (btw, is it grey if we talk about the apps and not where to get them?? as long as some of this stuff takes, you would end up w/ late fees from block buster by the time you rip the first dvd... if not, feel free to delete this post)
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