Help! My ipod IS ACTING WEIRD!

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi all ,

I just Boughted my ipod 4 days ago it was a black 30gb video ipod ... it was working fine until some scratched got into it * its black) and it ruined his beauty , it was also blurry so turned off my ipod and switched it to hold and i started cleaning it . . i was making it worse then i found a way to make it shine .... wet paper! and slide it into my ipod but i think i dropped to much water in it and it turned on by ii turned it off and got all the water out then i turned it on again the light was gone the ipod was working fine but the light was gone! then i check to see if the music still worked i plugged my headphones and i was listening for 3 seconds with no light .. then i knew my battery was low but it said it was charged in my ipod.... i was confused i didnt know what to do i recharged it for 30 minutes and then it was alright the light was back but the switch hold didnt work then i recharged it again for 5 minutes it was alright but now the click wheel was all messed up i recharged it agaain and now its all ok .. but now it freezes T_T i reset it it freezes in a second i dont know if it freezes or the click wheel is really messed up its getting worse what do i do it keeps acting weird. Right now Its Charging im confused

PLz Help T_T


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