Are there other options besides Printer Utility?

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Hey folk,

I installed JAg and the thing that really pisses me off is that Jag uses PRINTER UTILITY to drive my Epson 1280 printer. I have installed Crap version of Epson's BS OS X update driver but it seems that in the Library, Printers, really does not use Epson Print Driver but rather Apple's Printer Utility.

I have been building custom Paper, Color Profiled for specific papers as well as paper with different coating but under OS X.x this is all ignored! Yet, the bigger problem is that when I go to print even a simple text document I always get a "printer connection error" when my epson obviously ques the paper and printhead for print info. This happens every time. There must be a better Print management driver/utility out there. Do any of you know?



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    I too have experianced many of the problems you speak of. I am not ready to throw out Print center. Its potential is good. But there still seems to be some bugs. Most of the problems I have experianced have come from appletalk.

    On my home system I have a USB epson 820. I was recieving the same errors on it as you are recieving, that was until I installed 10.2 and printed through USB printing rather than Appletalk. I seem to experiance many problems with appletalk in OSX version x.x.x, in networking and in printing. I try to use it as least as possible. ( don't think I even installed the Epson driver, it was just there... but I am not sure, that was a month ago.)

    At work I have 19 macs printing to an HP 5000n. Now here is were things get weird.. I am still working on solving these problems. Using IP printing (inserting the HP's IP address and selecting driver), Adobe's indesign prints faster than it ever has!!!! Yipppeee.. however, printing to an IP printer for photoshop, is a nightmare (I have no idea why, it just is) so then I have an Appletalk print driver set up for the very same printer. I have to choose between an IP printer and an appletalk printer depending upon my job. I am not happy about this, but there have been some advantages to the new print center. I like its all in one approach, it makes life easier, and the ability to set up different profiles and share them with different users, is nice... I am sure there is much more, but I am still learning it.
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    I almost forgot, there is Gimp print. It is not really a different system than print center, it is just a different set of drivers, I am still experimenting with it. But the reports are good.

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    Thanks Buggy for your input. I am currently using Epson 1280 via USB. I have always had Appletalk off since it slows down the system (I don't have any networks active so why do I need Appletalk on- my view). I was wondering if there was some way to override Print Center so that the original Epson Driver kicks in. The Print Center does not have customizable selections that Epson Driver allowed. This feature is very important since I use the image output as final proof. :

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