Office 98/2001 on Jaguar?

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Has anyone else been unable to run older versions of Office (in Classic) since upgrading to 10.2.1? I had been able to run Office98 just fine on 10.1.4, but since I did a clean install of Jaguar (and re-installed the Offices) I get a "Not enough memory or hard disk space to open Office" error when I try to launch either one. And no, memory and hard drive space are not problems. Gigs free on every partition and 384 MB RAM (iBook 2002). Is there some bug in how Jaguar allocates RAM or scratch space to Classic?


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    jbljbl Posts: 555member
    I don't use Word much, but Excel 98 seems to be working fine for me under 10.2.1. In fact, it seems much faster (at least to launch, I am not using any spread sheets that are big enough for me to notice delays in other operations).

    I have had some problems when I push on memory though. If I have Classic running along with iPhoto and Photoshop Elements, the system sometimes bogs down and more or less quits operating. This may be because when I installed 10.2, I partitioned the disk into X, 9 and general files. I may not have given the X partition enough space to deal with VM (there is only 1.2 GB free). Other relevant details: Ti500, 256 MB.
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    rhoqrhoq Posts: 190member
    I'm running Jaguar 10.2.1

    The other day I rebooted in classic (9.2.2) to run Jam 2.6 (Jam 5 for OS-X sucks) and while I had OS9 up and running I just out of curiosity, I opened up Office 98. I only tried Word and Excel, but I had no problems at all.
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