Best way to setup Bootcamp?

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I have an Intel Mac Mini with an external 320GB drive. I'd like to setup Bootcamp and run XP. What's the best way to do this? Can I just make a Bootcamp/Windows partition on the external drive? Also, where do I get a copy of Bootcamp and is it the best method to do this?

Thanks for any input.


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    It all depends how much you are planning to use Windows. If you're like me, all I ever wanted to do is run the rare app that I just cannot get for OSX. If you actually want to spend a considerable amount of time on Windows, make sure to designate a fairly large space aside (ie a large partition). There have been mixed results so far with installing Windows on an external hard drive. If you aren't planning on using it much, just make a small partition on your internal and use that. You can always delete it later without harming your OSX install at all.

    Bootcamp can be found here:

    It is a public beta which will eventually ship with Leopard so you can use it easily right now with Tiger.

    Just so you are aware, Vista is Bootcamp capable at the moment. I have Vista x64 on it at the moment.

    Here is an additional, fairly detailed setup guide for Bootcamp provided by Apple:

    Does that cover your questions?
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    If you would prefer to run Windows apps from directly within the OSX environment (ie without rebooting into Windows), there is a relatively useful application called Parallels that accomplishes this. It hogs system resources so definitely do not plan on running large amounts of Windows apps with it. If you need a more serious Windows setup, definitely use Bootcamp.

    Parallels is commercial software and can be found here:
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    Thanks for all of the answers jvb,

    Bootcamp sounds like what I'd rather have. I may just hold out for Leopard if it is going to be built-in. That may make things easier to intall/upgrade/etc..
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    Yep, Bootcamp is one of the most hyped features for Leopard so far. And then you might have more official support from Apple with it, which would be very nice. You are probably smart to wait until Leopard releases.
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