netgear pc and airport mac problems

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Can someone please help! I bought a macbook in the summer and have it hooked up to my verizon dsl modem via an aiport express. It works great (except when the cordless phone is on). I had a gateway and bought a netgear wireless adapter. I installed it and was able to get the pc to find the apple network. it would go off everytime the computer went to sleep and I had to reboot, but no big deal. well..a month ago something happend to the modem and I coudln't log on to either the mac or pc. I called verizon and they reset the modem and I was able to get on the pc when i had the ether net cable plugged directly in the pc. when i put it in the airport, the mac kept saying negotiating ppoe. well..i called verizon again..and they had me set some settings in the verizon dsl homepage, and I called apple and they had me change some settings on the mac and airport and I can connect no problem to mac wirelessly..but no repsonse from pc. my roomate got and rid of the gateway and put the netgear adapter in that...still no response from pc. the netgear can find the apple network, but can't connect to internet..keeps saying obtaining an IP address.but never does. I have been in all the settings on the pc, but don't know what to do.

can anyone help???


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    First thing I'd do is get a cordless phone that is NOT 2.4 GHz. That is the same frequency that wireless networks use and may be causing your problem. Either a 900MHz one or a 5.8GHz one should eliminate that as a source of intereference with your network. The 900MHz ones will probably be a little hard to find tho. I also have had bad luck with products from Netgear so I've now sworn off them completely. Good luck!
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