Which Mac OS X version will iTV require on the feeding Mac?

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
I'm waiting to see what the final version of iTV will actually be like before I consider purchasing, but just wondered if anyone knew or can speculate on whether it will require at least Mac OS X Tiger on the feeding Mac to work? Just 'cause I've only got Panther on my current machines!


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    Considering that it's fed through iTunes for Mac and Windows, I'd bet it's an updated iTunes that's needed, not an OS.
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    gordygordy Posts: 970member
    Since it'll also work with Windows (XP, presumably), I'd say the bar is pretty low on system requirements, like iTunes. Panther should be safe.
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    jvbjvb Posts: 210member
    You'll be fine with Panther unless they suddenly become like Microsoft and make products unusable with old software.
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    Panther will be fine.
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    I'd agree that any OSX ought to work. Since iTV is rumored to be running its own version of OSX, it should be able to recieve a stream from pretty much anything ... though it might take a recent version of iTunes or perhaps some new App to feed it.
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