iChat Portable... Riiiiight...

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I am not even going to comment on this other then to say I am shocked and dismayed to find that this hasn't already been posted by someone swilling red bulls after being awake for 48 hours straight waiting for Tuesday. You've disappointed me.



Leaked Pictures of Apple Phone: iChat Portable?

One of our readers just sent in these two pictures of Apple?s upcoming cell phone, the iChat Portable. Available in 4GB ($249) or 8GB ($449) capacities, the phone will feature a slide-out keypad, touchscreen display, Flash memory, and a custom OS. One more picture after the jump.

(Thanks, J.C.)

*Edit - These have been confirmed by a reader to be digitally altered images


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,208moderator
    I think this mock-up is close to what people are expecting from the Apple phone. I have a couple of problems with it though. It looks difficult to hold and thumbs might obscure the camera. It's also going to have limited appeal marketed as an ichat device because more and more people are turning to skype. Not to mention that normal phones don't have the bandwidth for that type of conferencing and it's more limited if it's wifi. Then you've got the issue of the camera being on the same side as the screen - that's good for conferencing but not for talking pictures so useless as a phone camera. I would expect the apple phone to have the isight on a swivel or facing away from the screen.
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    @homenow@homenow Posts: 998member
    A video cell phone? Unlikely....people want to talk on their cell phones without holding them. Also where are the key's? Touch screen you say? Well, the tactile quality of real buttons means that you can dial the phone without actually looking at it. Apple realized this when they built the control for the iPod and the Apple remote, both of which you can use without looking at as you would if the controls were virtual keys on the screen, even though the virtual model could be a lot more powerfull and customizable.

    I'm not saying its not real or won't happen or won't be a success, just that I don't think that it is.

    Another note, I have never seen a leaked photo of a banner this early for a new product at an expo that was that clear. They are usually put up in secrecy and covered right away. I have seen a lot of covered banners and speculation of what will on them.

    And last, looking at the photo the perspective is off on the text when compared to the other lines of text, the iChat, and the banner. Also the lighting on the iChat does not matc the banner. May be wrong but I think this a a fake...I'm sure there is more analysis to come.
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