DOSBox, has anyone here got it to work on a Mac?

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hey all,

i really want to run Snipes on my eMac ( ) but I'm having some trouble getting DOSbox to work for me. I can't manage to mount a C drive. I type in

mount c/users/sammy

but get nowhere. I assume I'm doing something wrong, and there aren't any great guides for the mac OS X version. Can someone share their knowledge? Someone who knows a lot more about this than me, but can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Also, is DOS case-sensitive?


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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member
    Originally Posted by spiers69 View Post

    hey all,


    Also, is DOS case-sensitive?

    No, it is not.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,408moderator
    I managed to get a game to run with it but it was much slower than Virtual PC so I ditched it. You can get Virtual PC on ebay for next to nothing (£15) so it's not worth bothering with DOSbox. You don't even need Virtual PC 7 because it's basically a rebrand after Microsoft bought it so version 6 is fine if that's all you find. Just get one with Windows included if you don't have it or download freedos:

    You can even use Q (based on qemu) if you don't want to buy Virtual PC and install freedos on that:
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    finboyfinboy Posts: 383member
    Originally Posted by Mr. Me View Post

    No, it is not.

    That's news to me. I always thought that it was.
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