Apple UMPC??

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Ok so this one is way out there.. but this is temporary insanity.. just looking over on Engadget and they are showing all the stuff that is going to be at CES.. ran across this Kohjinsha SA1F00A convertible tablet UMPC

Now of course this one is a bit ugly for Apple design standards.. but imagine this as the Mac Ultra portable.. it also can do tablet if desired. This sort of hedges their bets if tablets are or are not "the thing". It seems they never would have developed Inkwell if there weren't going to be a use for it. This would of course make a killer portable movie machine. Who knows.. guess we will on Tuesday.


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    hobbithobbit Posts: 532member
    His Steveness never likes to do things half. He would not allow a notebook without a DVD drive nor a notebook with half the power and battery life. He would much rather:

    a) try to achieve a really compact laptop design but with full functionality (incl. DVD writer) which will then probably have a higher price than even the MacBook Pro due to extreme miniaturization, think FlashRAM HD, slimmer LCD (OLED?), new battery technology... -> see rumors for a 12" MacBook Pro.

    b) create an all new gadget with a strictly limited functionality to fulfill a specific market, e.g. an eBook reader / PMP / mobile Internet terminal / video iPod. But that will not be a general purpose Mac OS notebook.

    I do not see Steve doing something in between, such as an UMPC or OQO-like device. It'll be either - or.
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