ibook ice white display light

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Hi everyone,

My ibook has developed an interesting characteristic lately...and that is of a sometimes flickering display light. Well, it isn't like strobe-light flickering...but it sometimes suddenly goes dimmer than the light setting on the display. At times, there is a complete blackout (which has a higher probability of happening if I'm typing away and there's lots of movement on or near the keyboard). But, fortunately, total blackout is not terribly common (YET!).

However, I have noticed that if I squeeze the area to the left of the track pad, (about an inch to the upper left of the track pad to be more precise), the display brightens up again and will hold for a little while.

My question is - what is actually located in that section of the board?? Why would a squeeze there bring the light back on the display?

I took it to Apple (I know it's an old Mac but it's my little back-up Mac and I love this machine and it does work well still so no need to completely abandon it just yet), and they told me that since the machine is obsolete, they don't actually spend time fixing these old macs anymore...and to just keep on squeezing. That is ridiculous of course. I just need my display light to remain steady and bright.

Any suggestions or info would be most welcome!

Many thanks,

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