MS strategic plan to be like Apple

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Seems like Gates is opening up a bit that MS has been executing a plan to be the OS and hardware maker just like a certain company we all love. Interesting. MS eating its children/partners again. Shock.


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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member
    MS's plan since day one was to be like Apple.
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    I agree-- but this is an open admission to the rest of the MS-sphere players that they intend on competing directly with hardware. It's not just Xbox gaming, it's computing. It's part 2 of the PlaysForSureButNotAllTheTime scheme. How much you want to bet there's a Windows version for PPC chips that's ready to go?

    If MS's partners would wise up, I'd expect them to some up with alternative software and format "standards" pretty quick-- or they're going to be awoken one day to MS releasing Fratricide®, the friendly new Office app.
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