Premiere 6.5 - yuck!

in Mac Software edited January 2014
The Apple Reseller who I always deal with lent me a NFR version of Premiere 6.5. They wanted to know how it works out so that when people come to ask they will know how to answer the questions.

So......started my "journey" on Premiere last week

Running it under OS X 10.21 on a Dual GHz SlowSilver(tm) with MAX RAM

Basically........despite the OS X compatibility it's pretty much the same as version 6

And......the same old buggy app

Quits 5 times in a week. Rendering is sloooooooooooow...........approx. 2X-4X slower than Final Cut Pro depending on filters.

Realtime a joke at best. Yes it allows a lot more reatltime previews (on transitions) than Final Cut Pro. But it has to drop a lot of frames in order to show the preview.

Adding a simple cross dissolve on two tracks. And the playback drops to 10fps in the transition

On the other hand. I have experienced NO frame drops with its realtime transition preview.

Returned the app back to my friend. Now moving back to FCP and feel like I am in heaven. Feel much faster, more stable

I think the reason why FCP is much faster is due to the further optimization on AltiVec and MP support....which Premiere is very cheessy at.


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